“Honest” Mike Knox Comes Forward and Admits He Stole Gunplay’s Chain

The BET awards bust-up between Gunplay and G-Unit members is now taking on a farcical turn with part-time rapper Mike Knox turning up at Philly‘s Hot 107.9 radio station last night and give his side of the story; and if you’ve been following the event and what the participants have been saying, then you’ll notice than not all of it adds up.

Like Mike says Gunplay was maced before the G-Unit guys jumped him and yet we have the MMG member going hammer and tongs after Mike while Mike cops a beating. Gunplay says 50 Cent was not there while fif says he landed a punch on Gunplay. And how does Mike get even? By stealing Gunplay’s chain. Does show him up as a bit of a wuss, this whole episode. Hope that since everybody’s had their 15 seconds of fame, infamy or whatever, this issue will die a natural death and rivalries will be limited to producing better music.


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