Gunplay Clears the Air on BET Awards Fracas That Got Him Maced by the Cops

Gunplay has gotten off the blocks earlier than 50 Cent with regards to giving his version of what happened between the MMG guys and 50 Cent’s boys. He called in to Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club this morning to give his account of the events.

About the Rick Ross issue, he described it as a melee and said “I was walking—security had stopped me and was patting me down, and I ain’t get to see what happened,” he said. “Ross and them walked up ahead of me, and security was still patting me down. By the time, I got there, I seen a melee.”.

He followed this up with an interview to TMZ Live where he let it be known that there’s no love lost between him and 50 Cent and that while fif hid behind bodyguards, Gunplay took on a bunch of them.


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