Nicki Minaj May Just Invite PETA’s Ire in London

Woe betide the celeb who gets caught at the wrong end of PETA’s stick; if they catch you wearing fur you can be sure that fur will fly. So far, Nicki Minaj has eluded the group’s ire.  She was spotted wearing leopard print boots, a fur coat and purple pants while entering the Corinthia Hotel where she has been staying.

Last month it was Rihanna, and if memory serves me right that too was in London. At that point in time, a PETA spokesperson had said “Rihanna may not have a clue that snakes killed for boots are often nailed to a tree and skinned alive. Of course, they can’t go on Oprah to cry about it.”



Cee Lo Caught in A Sexual Battery Case; Refutes Charge

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating Grammy Award winning singer / rapper Cee Lo regarding an incident of sexual battery. No charges have been filed as yet and the investigation by police detectives is in its infancy.

The identity of the woman who has made the accusation of sexual battery against Cee Lo has not been released by the police.

On his part, Cee Lo has adamantly stated “Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else,” he is currently hosting the second season of the hit TV show “The Voice.”

The artist says that the restaurant in which the alleged assault has not been visited by him in the past three months. The cops; however, are doing the necessary due diligence and questioned the staff at the Downtown Los Angeles restaurant where the alleged encounter took place.



Miami Heat Championship Rings Awarded

Yesterday evening, i.e. Tuesday 30th, the Miami Heat players got their Jostens’ designed NBA rings in a glittering ceremony. The presentation was held at the American Airlines Arena and was followed by the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat game, the first of the 2012-2013 season.

For many players including LeBron James, this was their first championship ring. The occasion also saw the release of Championship merchandise that is available online for sale.

The 14K yellow and gold ring weighs 115 grams and is a veritable work of art. It is encrusted with more than a 100 diamonds, some carrying a princess cut and some are brilliants. The motto “FORGED IN THE FIRE BETWEEN A HAMMER AND ANVIL” is engraved on the inside of the ring.


Teaser Video: Ryan McDermott – Paradise

Ryan McDermott is the latest singer to come out of the GOOD Music stable and has just released his first single titled Paradise. Ryan has also released a teaser video, although videos containing the full song too are already available on Youtube. We’ve got the teaser for you. The official video drops today.

We wish Yeezy’s newest group mate the very best of luck. And going by the congratulatory and anticipatory tweets on his twitter page, he has managed to create a buzz for this number. A little preliminary investigation suggests that Ryan is more of an R&B guy drafted to create the second rung on the GOOD Music roster. We look forward to the official video.

Video: Soulja Boy Raps “There Go Soulja”

Catch Soulja Boy rapping “There go Soulja”, the number is a part of his upcoming album “Young and Flexin”. Seems like Soulja is working hard to make himself one of the flavors of the holiday season, be it with inflammatory tweets or album releases.

The album drops November 6th. Does it contain a number like “Crank That”, which catapulted the artist to rapping stardom and by 2010 the chap had $7 million in his bank. Take a look at the video and tell us what you think about it.


Soulja Boy Snaps At Bow Wow on Twitter

The Soulja Boy and Bow Wow feud has a history to it and twitter has been the battleground in the past for these two. Soulja has reignited the beef by taking potshots at the 106 & Park host Bow Wow by saying that “Keep it trill. Bow wow can’t f*** wit me no more.” He tweeted “I’ll be on 106 next week dropping off my new music video,” “We gonna see whats good wit it. Bang bang.”

Bow Wow refused to be drawn into this new war of words and simply wished Soulja good luck for his new video.

What’s your take, dear reader on this whole thing? Is it cooked up, is it real? Is Soulja the real deal or is he just a wannabe copying styles with no swag of his own?


Nicki Minaj debuts Mac Viva Glam Lip Glass in London

Don’t be surprised if rap diva Nicki Minaj features in the top three of the Forbes list for the really rich rappers of next year; the rate at which she is going, she just might. Endorsements just keep falling into her lap, the latest being Mac Viva Glam Lip Glass that she launched in London. Add to this her appearance on American Idol, a perfume after her name and God knows what else, she’s making money and rapping away to riches.

Nicki tweeted “Thank you to SELFRIDGES in London!!! We launched my new MAC VIVA GLAM Lip Glass today. Thanks for coming out barbz!!! mmmuuuaaahhhh!!!!”

Nicki’s got it good. Standing up for da hood. On her way to big riches, but we no complaining bitches. We feel proud for her, she launches Mac Via; the brand’s got a hot diva. It’s a sexy lip glass, you be the the babe in the class. She’s young, she’s got money, she’s got hard cash, and a super sassy style that’s so very flash. YO!


The Game on Why He’s Not Materialistic

Every now and then, we get some tidbits of information that give us perspective and something that elevates the status of hiphop. This discussion that Game had with the folks at SOHH…is this one such discussion? You read and tell us.

The rapper reveals why even though he has a lavish lifestyle he is not really the materialistic kind. He said “I’m the type of n*gga if you give me a one-bedroom apartment–matter fact, two bedrooms, at least a room for my kids. Give me a two-bedroom apartment and some f*cking Internet and maybe one couch and I’m straight,” “F*ck this mansion. F*ck these cars. I would jump back in a Cutlass tomorrow, man. I don’t care about this materialistic sh*t. You can’t fit none of this in a casket.”

The only problem is that this guy doing this talking is actually known to really spend and spend hard on “materialistic” stuff; such as $200K on a black leather-wrapped Ferrari.

Now, am not being judgmental but maybe, just maybe there needs to be a little more connect between what we say and what we do. Okay, chuck what I say, read the interview by following the link.


As Expected…Lil Wayne Doesn’t Show Up for “Carter” Hearing, Judge Not Amused

That Lil Wayne would not be available or not be able to make it to his scheduled court appearance on October 29th was a foregone conclusion and that’s how it turned out. The rapper is not taking any chances after suffering seizure-like symptoms and that too in air, miles away from terra firma.

He’s currently recuperating at his mama’s place in Louisiana. After his lawyers updated the judge on his inability to testify, the judge was shown his video-taped deposition which he found to be an example of “unreasonable conduct in the deposition” and “irresponsible behavior.”

The tapes have been doing the rounds of the net, Lil Wayne sure knows his way around law and shows the chutzpah to take on savvy lawyers. I guess if you’re a rich brotha then you need to have these skills.


Behind The Scenes with Travis Barker and Yelawolf – Whistle Dixie

Travis Barker and Yelawolf have come together to sing Whistle Dixie and are in the process of releasing a video of this track but first they want us to get a feel of what’s to come, build some buzz and to this end they present us with a behind the scenes video at the making of Whistle Dixie. Take a look. The video features Danny Trejo and the Riverside Community College Drum Line in a guest role.

The track will feature in their upcoming collaborative album Psycho White that is set to drop on November 13th.

1.Push ‘Em feat. Skinhead Rob & Tim Armstrong
2.6 Feet Underground feat. Tim Armstrong
3.Funky Shit
4.Whistle Dixie
5.Director’s Cut feat. Michael Myers & Superman


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