Flashback Friday: Paul Revere

The earliest memories I have of music was sitting in a 6th grade audio learning center at school and sneaking in a beat up old black cassette tape with Beastie Boys on one side and Run DMC on the other (with one and a half 2 Live Crews songs… one and one, we having some fun… ah yea!).

Our biggest worry was getting caught bobbing our heads to the beat, cause none of us had the original albums and no way to get that back if we lost the tape.

This is the first album I remember being able to sing word for word and so it has to be the one that I start out remembering.

As they say.. You DON”T know Hip Hop if you don’t know this album.

Comment below the first album you ever remember listening to.



Hip Hop has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. During the bright and the dark, it has always been an expression of my inner soul.


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