King L (formerly known as King Louie) Drops a New Track “Val Venis”

Chicago up-and-comer King L (Louie) has been on the grind, most recently wrapping the shooting for the brand new video of his latest single “Val Venis.” His latest single, named for the lovably narcissistic WWE wrestler, is a showcase of lyrical dexterity, King L rattling off intricate couplets they way someone might tell you what they did with their weekend early one Monday morning. He’s even gone so far as to create a dance for the song, sexy only in its ridiculousness, especially when paired with L’s million dollar smile.

Currently putting together music for his Epic debut, King L splits his time between the city he owns and the country just beginning to embrace him. Though he’s already got multiple albums worth of unreleased music, he continues to stock pile songs in the interest of delivering the best possible product to fans new and old. “I’m still getting better, learning new shit, bettering my craft as we go,” he says. “That’s every day.“ (via Facebook)

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