Jermaine Dupri Dodges I.R.S Bullet At The Last Minute

Jermaine Dupri was once a hotshot producer; he was a millionaire. And needless to say women digged him; but if rumors are to be believed, babes who digged him actually dug him into a hole…a big financial hole that has seen the heavyweight producer grapple with property foreclosures and his cars being repossessed. And one name that gets thrown up in this context is that of the beautiful Janet Jackson.

If news on TMZ is to be believed, J.D managed a narrow escape by filing an emergency motion to stave off a foreclosure of his Atlanta property. He contested the $193K mortgage debt amount and claimed that the actual figure was only around $90K.

Things may finally be beginning to look up for J.D as Mariah Carey is back in the studio recording a new single and there is a good chance that her star power will draw other artists to work with this one-time sought-after producer.


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