Famed Rapper 50 Cent Has Full Support from Interscope

The legions of 50 Cent fans were delighted about his recent project; he gave himself and his fans the gift of music when he released 5 (Murder by Numbers), which is a free 10-track unofficial album with all new and original music. The famed emcee dropped the material on his website ThisIs50.com in time for his birthday.

50 cent

In a recent interview, the American rapper talked about his plan to release the material during his birthday. He stated:

“What I’m releasing right now is a part of me wanting music out during the middle of the summer. I had a plan for myself: I wanted to have the new record come out during my birthday.”

The G-Unit boss released the project 5 (Murder by Numbers) before his fifth full-length album, Street King Immortal. However, he explained that he doesn’t need any support from the label for the release of the 10-track material:

“I don’t really need label support for this project. It’s about the actual music, and I don’t think people buy what record label you’re on; I think they buy music or buy into the actual artist themselves.”

The Street King Immortal material will be 50 Cent’s last album in his contractual requirement to the popular label, Interscope. To add excitement prior to its release, the Queens emcee decided to appeal to the mixtape scene, which he revolutionized with past projects like 50 Cent is the Future and God’s Plan.

While 50 Cent may not need label support for one of his latest projects, he added that he now feels he has “full support” from Interscope.

Image Source: www.thatgrapejuice.net