Russell Simmons’ American Classics Clothing Line at Wal-Mart

Russell Simmons' American Classics clothing line is expected to debut at Wal-Mart on Sunday, February 15th.

I guess this is another example of Simmons' move away from hip hop and is said to be for the "urban graduate"[s] who are "25-to-50-year-old men such as Will Smith, Adam Sandler, and Barack Obama."

More details of Wal-Mart's strategy and new secretiveness in the article but, though Wal-Mart is outperforming Target of late, the overall environment and rationale for shopping there will make it difficult for the store to match Target's "cheap chic" reputation.

Apparently Simmons and company convinced Wal-Mart to go with flat screen tvs featuring Russsell Simmons talking about the clothes as an added enticement. I can see the Wal-Mart shoppers flocking to that!

Some cognitive dissonance here but best of luck everybody.