MC Hammer, Ed McMahon & Monetizing Brand Disasters During a Downturn

Get set for MC Hammer and Ed McMahon appearances in ads during the Super Bowl.

Not a good look for MC Hammer who told me during an interview, when I asked him about what he'd learned from his own bankruptcy, that he doesn't dwell on the past.

Given the juxtaposition with Ed McMahon in the TMZ pic, the gold records on the wall with drill in hand and Hammer's refusal to say something smart to me, like, "I learned money management skills" or "I learned the difference between revenue and profit", I'd say he still hasn't learned much about brand management but he is learning to lighten up and monetize failure.

On the upside, DanceJam seems to have finally found its rhythm and, unlike so many "hip hop" sites that seem to make their numbers from off-topic and often degrading content, rather than anything related directly to music, a peek at the top keywords in the right hand column of their current Compete stats indicates they're making it off dance.

And that's a very good look!

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