DCN360: Decon Records’ Indie Approach to 360 Deals

Based on their artistic output, Decon Records is a really interesting label and, according to Songs For Soap, a bigger business in growth mode than I’d realized.

Now cofounders Peter Bittenbender and Jason Goldwatch are taking their skills and experience to launch DCN360.  Says Bittenbender:

"Our whole model now is to figure out how to incorporate what we’ve developed with our music and entertainment relationships and apply it to branded content to connect with the youth market…We want to use brands as a launching pad for our talent and vice versa."

To some extent this appears to be an extension of what they’re already doing including a "full-length film feature for Netflix, video production for Sony Ericsson’s fall TV campaign and soundtracks for Take Two’s 2K Sports video-game franchise."

According to "Goldwatch — who admits he shuddered when the company introduced the word ‘brand’ into its vocabulary":

"We want to do the projects we think would be great and try to attract a brand to them…I want to make new media weird alchemist sh*t, and whatever brand is savvy enough to be like ‘That’s killer,’ we’ll work with them."

Goldwatch also explains the basic value proposition:

"Sign to our label, we do all your videos and design work, we take out ads, put together your tour, and then put you in the middle."

To help develop DCN360 they’ve hired Sebastian Eldridge, who’s worked with Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners and Translation, as VP-Strategy.