Ben Chavis Out at H3 Enterprises [HipHopSodaShop]

Today H3 Enterprises, best known for the HipHopSodaShop concept, announced the replacement of the management team including former President and CEO Ben Chavis.

Given that Dr. Ben was preceded by Jackie Robinson, that’s two icons down!

Reason given for the change:

"to focus on building strong internal controls to help manage the Company’s expansion efforts"

The announcement describes the new team as a:

"dynamic new management team, totally focused on implementing every element of the Company’s award winning business model as expeditiously and profitably as possible."

In addition:

"H3 believes this new management team brings clarity and creates a unified sense of purpose for the Company. The vision of H3′s award winning business model is now a step closer to realization with all the key players acting in unison toward a common purpose."

The new management team at H3 Enterprises:

Mr. Guy M. Jean-Pierre – Chief Legal Officer
Mr. Dennis Ruggeri- Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Jordan Edelson – Chief Technology Officer
Brian Peters [H3 Co-Founder and Director] – Interim President & CEO

H3 Enterprises’ headquarters moves to Boca Raton, Florida:

"The Board believes it is beneficial to have the Company’s headquarters in the same state as the Company’s principal businesses, including the Hip Hop Soda Shop(s) located in Miami Gardens and Tampa Bay. South Florida is also home to most of H3′s top officials."

Keyword analysis suggests lack of focus and unity under Ben Chavis:

Note the repeated presence of terms such as "focus", "focused", "expeditiously", "clarity", "unified sense of purpose", "acting in unison".

You mean, Dr. Ben’s "personal laser-like focus" wasn’t getting the job done?

But what about all those celebrity connects?  Wasn’t that the right marketing approach?

And what about fulfilling Dr. King’s dream?

A lot of hubris has just left the building!  Time to get back to work.

Before we give H3 Enterprises the big thumbs up for this move, let’s see who they bring in to replace Ben Chavis since they now have a rather questionable history of celebrity hires.  But the focus on tightening financial aspects is quite sound if this company hopes to ever move beyond the status of a penny stock with a portfolio of deals and a local restaurant chain.

Hey, I hear Scott Storch may be available!

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