Not a Rumor: Elliott Wilson to Blog 24 Times in 24 Hours!!!

What can I say?  When you’re the greatest hip hop blogger alive you do stuff like this!

Yes, it’s true, not a rumor.  Elliott Wilson, man of power at XXL, will create 24 blog posts in 24 hours!!

No quantity of exclamation points are too many!!!

I remember when Bol did like 12 in one day and his minions gathered round in praise.  Clearly the game is about to change.

Look, should I go childish on these kids who would be men with straight teeth and show ‘em how it’s done?

I can’t compete on audio drops or exclusive videos or cocaine access or any of the other stuff that comes with Elliott’s position but I bet I can write more of a higher quality [without talking about what a bad ass I am every post that isn’t an audio drop] than can the esteemed but always under-praised Elliott Wilson.

This one’s on you dear readers.  It’s such a stupid waste of time that I have to know that you’re there, for me or against me, if I’m to take on this challenge and blog competitively for 24 hours without the use of the cocaine benefits of my opponent.

At least I’d get caught up with my workload!

Since certain bloggers associated with XXL have a history of posting false documents including fake comments under other people’s names, let me say for the record that I, Clyde Smith, will not be posting any comments on XXl’s site or on Byron Crawford’s site.  Any claims to the contrary will be lies.

Sorry to have to point that out but given who I’m dealing with I feel such a statement is necessary.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s on!

Update 2:
My apologies for mispelling Mr. Wilson’s name previously assuming that the current contact page at XXL is correct.  Not a subliminal nor a reference to Hashim’s simple yet effective disses all of which will be reconsidered during the 24 Hours of Brand Destruction set to ensue.

That’s right, it’s time to tell some untold tales.

You’ve heard the lies.  Now hear the truth!

Update 3:
My bad times two on mispelling Elliott’s name previously.  It’s right there on
his blog and I’d know that if I ever checked for it when Eskay didn’t link to it.

And my apologies for suggesting that Elliott might use cocaine to his competitive advantage.  Not only does he parry that weak maneuver on my part but he brings the Wu to his defense.

Nice move, Mr. Checkers!

Imma do a hundred and one, just to school the children.

What’s my secret?  Power naps!

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