Hypebot: Blog Awards, Doug Morris Pilloried, WMG, Pepsi MP3 Giveaway, Label Business Models, WE7′s Steve Purdham, EMI’s Mark Piiba

Music industry news from Hypebot:

Nominations are open for Hypebot’s First Annual Best Music Blog Awards. Nominate your favorite blogs here.

Universal CEO Doug Morris spoke candidly with Wired Magazine about the music industry and his lack of knowledge in dealing with file sharing and the rapid changes caused by internet. One cartoonist had a field day with his comments.

Warner Music Group announced a drop in profits and a major 360 deal with the Frank Sinatra estate and his family.

With a pending Pepsi promotion giving away 1 billion tracks via Amazon and more action from the labels the slow march towards DRM free music is becoming a sprint to the finish line.

An essay on "The New Record Label Models: Which Will Survive?" sparked a real debate among industry pros that you can join here.

The 4QFor (Four Questions For) Series continued with an exclusive interview with ad supported download site WE7′s founder and CEO Steve Purdham.

EMI named Mark Piibe SVP Business Affairs for its North American Digital Division.

Hypebot expanded its Music 2.0 resources section and New Music Business Bookstore.

See Hip Hop Press’s Hypebot Industry News category for past roundups.



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