Elliott Wilson: The Great Lion Brushes Off the Flies

Elliott Wilson responds to being held to journalistic standards by making me the subject of a weak postscript following a rather sad attempt at humor Mr. Wilson calls YN’s Top 10 Coldest MC’s:

P.S. Um.. Clyde Smith. Clyde Smith. hiphoppress.com. hiphoppress.com.
hiphoppress.com. You happy now? You got your attention. I spoke to an editor from Folio. Let’s hope I don’t get misquoted. Stay tuned sucker.

Well, that’s Elliott’s biting response to such Hip Hop Press classics as:
XXL 10th Anniversary Covers: Pretend Controversy & XXL’s Chief Advertorialist Elliott Wilson
Industry Pros Term Elliott Wilson’s Back Cover Ad "Offensive" & an "Egregious Violation" of Ethics.

But then that level of maturity is what we’ve come to expect from Elliott "I ain’t gotta answer n*ggas" Wilson, who corporate lunkheads would term the "big swinging dick" of the hip hip magazine industry as Editor-in-Chief of XXL, a seriously popular publication owned by the powerful white men of Harris Publications and fronted by well-paid black men who dress in frumpy clothes and talk smack:

Awnaw! Hell naw! YN done up and done it now. As if the front cover wasn’t controversial enough, how dare this dude throw himself on the back cover of his magazine. f*ck it, why not? It’s a celebration, b*tches. It’s been 10 years and I ruled eight of them, why shouldn’t I feel myself? No pause.  P.S. I’m not really wearing any Roc-a-wear.

[By the way, Harris Publications also owns Harris Outdoor Group, the creators of such uplifting titles in the Harris Tactical Group series as Custom Combat Handguns and Concealed Carry Handguns.  Just thought you kids might want to know who your parents’ dollars are supporting and where to learn more about concealed combat handguns!]

In case you’re wondering, Elliott’s mention of leading magazine management trade publication FOLIO refers to an excellent if all too brief article by FOLIO Associate Editor Jason Fell, Does XXL Ad Cross the Ad/Edit Line?:

Even before it hit newsstands this week, the September (10th Anniversary) issue of XXL had raised eyebrows among professionals in the publishing industry…"No person on an editorial staff should ever be involved in producing or participating in advertising," says ASME executive director Marlene Kahan. "[The XXL ad] appears to be a violation of ASME guidelines."

Oh, those pesky professional guidelines.  They’re like mosquitoes to the Great Lion that IS Elliott Wilson!!!:

"Bottom line, this is a one-time only ad. I’m not wearing Rocawear clothes in it and I wasn’t compensated for it," Wilson says in an interview with Folio:. "While other ads in their campaign will be all over the place, this one will only be seen on the cover of XXL."

Damn, now I feel bad.  The guy didn’t get paid, doesn’t know how to dress and nobody’s going to recognize who this old geezer is anyway.

But will that stop Elliott Wilson?  No, Industry Titan Elliott Wilson is a man who Will Not Lose, even if he had to give Rocawear a free back cover ad and complimentary modeling services in order to be included.

Hey. has anyone else noticed what a decrepit pit XXL’s pretentiously titled "Columnist" section has become?  Except for occasional appearances of non-exclusive content from Jay Smooth, it’s looking kind of dead and I speak as someone who big upped their launch.

Well, see you soon!  I’ve got to go clean these heads before shrinking them.  They’re going to look great on the mantlepiece!

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