NME [& Many More] Swallow Diddy Exaggeration Re: 10,000 Applicants

Great, NME passes on a hyperbolic remark from Diddy on one of his personal assistant videos [third one in post] and starts what will no doubt become an enduring online legend:

P. Diddy has been flooded with applications to be his new personal assistant after the rapper advertised the role on MySpace.  Over 10,000 offers have come in over the last four days after the singer invited applicants to post three-minute videos of themselves on YouTube.

When I first saw that video I checked the personal assistant YouTube submission group and it only had about 40-something videos posted.  Here are the current stats according to YouTube:
Videos: 409   |  Members: 590   |  Discussions: 159

Furthermore, Diddy uses the phrase "inquired about the job" which does give him an out to claim that they got over 9,000 emails and or/phone calls at Bad Boy.  Or whatever it takes to keep the exaggeration alive.

But I can’t hold that against Diddy.  That’s almost to be expected from the hypemaster.  But NME?  I thought you guys were vaguely legitimate.  And get rid of those flashing tower ads and abusive "free" iPod offers while you’re at it.  Geez.

Via Earwax Records’ newsletter.

My bad:
Lots of people swallowed.

And in the No Surprises Here category:
EurWeb reminds us of their quality work.