Wallstrip Cons CBS for $5 Million

I was waiting for more on Wallstrip’s acquisition by CBS and now the deal is publicly confirmed, though not the rumored price of $5 million.

However, that price is said to come from strong sources with acquisition of Wallstrip host Lindsay Campbell key to the deal.

This is so incredibly ridiculous.  Could really awesome drugs be the explanation?  Campbell and Wallstrip are not worth $5 million in any universe where media companies wish to actually survive.  That’s old world pricing and CBS just got reamed.  Pathetic.

Sounds like a tale for Michael Wolff.

Compare compete’s rankings of Wallstrip, Hip Hop Press and Hip Hop Press.

My bad, I should have gone past the incomplete story at Techcrunch but my mind’s just having difficulty taking all this in. 

NewTeeVee does a nice job and points out that CBS denied the $5 million tag so we’ll see about that.  Apparently, it’s a larger talent move than just Campbell:

Wallstrip star Lindsay Campbell and producers Adam Elend and Jeff Marks will become full-time employees of CBS, and Lindzon, who also makes his living as an investor, will play a consulting role.

So, what’s a good price for a YouTube-type talent, two producers of a YouTube-type talent and a "consultant" who says this about Wallstrip’s approach:
“There’s two ways to do a show, the Oprah Winfrey way and the Montel Williams way,” Lindzon pontificates. Wallstrip, he says, is the former.

Whatever.  This is ridiculous.  Pricing anyone?

It turns out that Trader Mike, who many of us met via Move the Crowd, is in this thing up to his neck and I’m hoping he did quite well.

Howard Lindzon’s version of the tale of Wallstrip reveals that a lot of people came together to make this thing happen.

Congratulations to all of you for a big success.  Despite my questions about CBS, many of which relate to problems television had before the Internet was popular, you folks deserve to celebrate all you want.