Tech Bloggers Step Up to a Community Challenge

I’m amazed at the reactions to Kathy Sierra’s exposure of the a-holes who have been harassing and threatening her online.  If she were a hip hop blogger, she’d be ignored or ridiculed with folks discussing it privately.

But she’s not a hip hop blogger, she’s a tech blogger.  And though tech bloggers have a long history of ignoring racist and sexist commentary on tech websites, apparently a lot of folks feel it’s time to step up.

You can check Sierra’s post for the story but be sure to check the comments.  I’ve never seen anything like this in hip hop unless it was something like Katrina [i.e. a no-brainer, though I'm glad folks cared].

Robert Scoble is not blogging for a week in protest.  Though silence is not typically the best response, in Scoble’s case, the post will remain at the top of a highly trafficked and influential blog.  Again, the comments in Scoble’s blog are amazing in their support for Sierra.

I shared part of my response at Brand Destruction Research where Ron E. of brandcurve informed me of their zero violence blog graphic and campaign in response.  I can’t honestly post a zero violence graphic at Hip Hop Press but it’s a good thing to see.

If you do read the comments on Scoble’s blog, you’ll notice that a lot of people are talking about taking action and it sounds like Scoble’s in.

I think this is going to be kind of fun.

Via Seth Godin.