Brand Destruction Report: Seth Godin

If you follow famous marketing bloggers like Seth Godin, you may know that he’s opposed to comments for reasons that sound rather neurotic and control freakish.  More importantly, his reasons seem to conflict with the values he professes as a marketer.  A marketer whose own business acumen beyond marketing his books and services is increasingly being called into question.

I was going to use those points to start a discussion of the building brand disaster around this decision but The Viral Garden’s already on the job.

I’m also particularly fond of Publishing 2.0′s response:
Hey Seth, Comment THIS!

When push comes to shove, a lot of the people brewing new forms of Web & Marketing 2.0 koolaid don’t seem to be drinking it themselves.  Maybe they’re just too busy monetizing it?

Update: My Apologies to Seth Godin & Tim O’Reilly