50 Cent Says the South is Hurting Hip Hop

In a pretty interesting little article at MTV.com, 50 Cent explains how simple-minded Southerns are damaging hip hop:
A lot of the music that comes out of the South is kind of simplified and I think it’s kinda ’cause they just wanna have a good time . . . They don’t wanna think about what [they] just said. … They really didn’t make sense, but they made sense in a way and they just wanna hear something while they’re actually partying and it works for them. But when they don’t take the time to make it the highest quality possible, it hurts the actual hip-hop [genre]. People wanna make music they can get away with as opposed to the best possible music they can make.

Oh, simple minded Southerners and the simple music we love when we can be found in the club.  Sorry about ruining rap for all you sophisticated folks.

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